March 12, 2018

Wedding Planning


Wedding is a lifetime bond between two individuals who are truly in love with one another and wish to spend their entire life being together for each other. It is a lifetime event that has a lot of stories to tell about. Shubham Events helps in creating one time festival as very special moment and captures sweet memories of your wedding to keep on your memories for life time. Shubham Events, a top wedding planning company also assist in providing a memorable wedding that bride and groom might have dreamt of. Wedding is an event that is celebrated with lot of pomp and show by all the family members, friend as well as relatives. At Shubham Event management, we try to make your occasion a grand one so that it can be cherished for a lifetime.

Shubham Event Management, with a young and highly dedicated team of professionals offers a complete package to its customer that helps to remain stress free for the entire wedding festival. At Shubham, we work with a motto to make our customers to just come and enjoy their marriage. The most important aspect of marriage is to decide when to be getting together (Muhurtham). Once this time and date of marriage is finalized, then our clients left with two questions. Where to celebrate and how to celebrate?

Here comes, our event management team of experts to work on your two queries. For where to celebrate, options will be left to our clients as per their conveyance and budget. Then comes question two, how to celebrate?

Here, our team of event management experts comes with the plan as per client requirements. Planning of the event, designing of the event, coordination, and organizing of the event, is completely performed by the expert team. Apart from managing the event, an excellent consultancy service is also provided by Shubham Events, Hyderabad. Our main motto of the Wedding Planners in Hyderabad is to make your big day a grand day that will help you to relish for your lifetime.

We make your marriage very lighting (Blooming) and Shubham events in Hyderabad brings eye feast to wedding attendees by bring the team of Best decorators in Hyderabad. Next comes the most weightage aspect of Wedding, Food (Caters) and Shubham events in Hyderabad brings mouth-watering tastes to wedding attendees by bringing the team of Best catering service in Hyderabad.

Shubham event management team, Hyderabad have listed all the events that need to take care during your life time festival: 

List of Festivals starts with


Engagement, the first step for your Life time festival. This ceremony is the most dynamic standpoint where two souls get connected for the lifetime. There are Family people and relatives who witness this auspicious occasion. It is the step soon before marriage. Keeping this parameter in mind, we arrange the Engagement party and keep a check on the point to add more ecstasies through a Fabulous and eye feast Decoration and a table full of Delicacies!! Additionally to these, we have some unique craft work which is channelized by our Skill power in a manner in which the Guests as well as the Relatives will recall the Wedding forever as the most nostalgic Marriage.

Bride and Bride Groom Makeup

This is the event where the actual eagerness of your life time festival starts. Girls will glow more by showcasing their beauty in traditional attires and Boy makes himself to look most handsome than as he is. Our team of expert and Best Bride and Groom makeup in Hyderabad makes you look beautiful by bringing the beauty that lied in you.



"Shades of Brown and Curves of Crown" spread all over your Hands can make your look different absolutely. With the team of Shubham Events, myriad artists who can help you in grooming your Hands with the right kind of Designs. And when it is a marriage? Let us not forget that it is neither the Groom nor the Bride .... It is an extremely exuberant program and KK events is always here to make it vibrant !! This special day of the Mehandi is back grounded additionally, through a colourful background which is suitable for seating for all our members but at the same time it is made a point that a touch of uniqueness is added to the same. At the day end, we make it for sure to serve our Clients with a Yummy Feast and a Miraculous Unforgettable program....


This session of the Marriage is expected to be the imperative part in a complete marriage because nobody is expected to possess dexterity in singing and dancing but the ultimate aim for everybody is to "Enjoy." At Shubham Events, it is our absolute responsibility to keep everyone happy during the program of Sangeeth because everyone is expected to be enjoying officially and informally and keeping this thought in mind, we put our best endeavour in a manner which will keep both the teams enjoying throughout the function.  Shubham Wedding planners provide an elegant decor with a party look to enjoy Sangeeth. We nurture your Reception with music, which relates to people of all Age Groups. Moreover, DJ’s and Pyrotechnics prove it a successful event which fills everyone's life with loads of joy and memories.


Is it not very significant that Wedding is a very auspicious Event wherein two "Soul Mates" promise that they will spend the rest of their lives with each other even in the most tantalizing circumstance also. Well, the witnesses are the Family people and Relatives of the Bride and the Groom and only in their gracious presence, all the rituals need to be completed. We keep it in mind to make each and every member feel special. Every member therefore feels boosted when we add a touch of extravagance in organizing our Events. We assure every member in the Function to be Tension free with regards to the smooth journey on the Day of the Real Game !! As a Wedding Event Management Company, we concentrate on each and every aspect to create an innovative theme for wedding by the Wedding Decorators, where every person will feel truly that the Function was indeed a "Marriage in heaven". 


The last but not the least, the most awaited day of the complete Marriage at the end of the Groom is the "Reception." It is the concluding function of a Successful marriage function, which has to be kept Grand at any deadly Cost. It is the only day when Family people, Friends and Relatives from the Bride's as well as the Groom's end come and meet at a standpoint to celebrate their long term never ending association. Additionally, it is the first day for the Bride to pave her entry to the Groom's family for the first time. Therefore, it is celebrated in the most lavish manner comprising loads of Entertainment and Delicacies !! On this day, we make it a point to provide a Mellifluous Orchestra or else a Rocking one, which includes Live Bands, DJ' and Pyrotechnics, on one hand and on the other hand we want to satisfy our Clients with the Best photographers across the gauntlet of the City. 

Photos and Videos

 As Wedding planners, we also take care of other services such as Photography, Catering and Entertainment.  Apart from this, we arrange an extremely Professional Photography which can capture each and every moment with a high resolution, which results to our Best memories. Our Photography concentrates on three aspects:-

Photos and Videos

Candid Photography AND

Pre Wedding Photography.

Caters & logistics

Moreover, we also provide Food Catering services on our Clients' wish. Shubham Caterers comprise a repository of Professional and expertise Chefs who expertise in cooking the best Cuisines of all varieties and also prepare myriad regional dishes of all types.

            Beyond this, the traditional Entertainment shehnai is arranged specially for Weddings. Shubham event management company has its own logistics. It arranges Baggies and all types of logistics such as Air Conditioners, Gazebos, German tents and Super Structures required for the wedding only on the Sole and Whole decision of the Client.

Buffet Services

Decorators and Make up Artists are also in the queue who will be providing each and every type of assistance required. We specialize in providing innovative themes for Reception decor which brings an elegant look for the ceremony. In the domain of Catering, we have a team of Chefs who will make your mouth water. We specialize in

Buffet service

Indian Banquets service

Live counters

Round table banquets service

Mock tails and Cocktails

            Apart from this the menu is decided to be either Vegetarian or else Non vegetarian solely on the wish of our Esteemed customers.



Every picture has a story to tell!


"photography is a love affair with life"

Beautiful Composition

we arrange an extremely Professional Photography which can capture each and every moment .

Quality Equipment

every moment with a high resolution, which results to our Best memories. .


Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images .